I am a California-based multi-media artist and designer. I’ve been a creator as long as I can remember, and my background in the arts spans many disciplines.

After graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design, I started my first company, Ashley Mae Gall, selling hand-crafted fine jewelry to customers and boutiques internationally. My favorite projects are custom works of art that feature family heirlooms or meaningful concepts discovered in collaboration with my clients.

About six years ago, I was recruited to work on a television production fabricating miniature props and sets for a stop motion animation commercial. Unexpectedly, I fell in love with this “mini work” (a perfect match for my jewelry-making expertise) and continue to freelance as an Art Director for companies such as Honda, NFL, Walgreens, and Geico. Architectural and landscape models are my specialty!

Stay tuned as I grow my latest venture, an online business platform for creatives. I’m currently earning my certification in UX Design and Voice User Interface Design.

I live with my fiancé in a cabin in Los Angeles, with a yard full of jade trees and two cats. You can often find us working/playing in Portland, OR and visiting our families in the Northeast.